DeVetter Design Group is a collaborative architecture, planning, and design firm committed to innovative and community-focused building. We work closely with our clients to find unique solutions and surprising opportunities in each project. Our collaborative approach to design allows us to leverage the creative talents, knowledge, and passion of all those invested in a project to produce architecture that is exceptionally responsive to our partners’ goals and aspirations.

DeVetter Design Group was founded by Michael DeVetter in 2006 as an extension of the firm Schrock DeVetter Architects (est. 1997).

Engagement is the core of our team’s design philosophy, which drives us to create projects that belong fully to our clients and communities from day one. DeVetter Design Group is committed to design excellence in our work. We are continually reexamining our design foundations so that new data and ideas can spark solutions uniquely suited to each project.

Every building is an opportunity to learn, collaborate, and create something special.


DeVetter Design Group offers services in architecture, master planning, site selection, interior design, project promotion, and project imaging. All of our services include integrated high-performance design and sustainability goals.

Environmentally responsive design is a natural component of our practice. Thoughtful solutions and careful planning from the beginning of a design process allow us to balance sustainability and affordability for our clients. The most sustainable buildings are those that are easily maintained and well-tailored to their site and users. This type of building adds value to its community and remains a reliable part of the built environment for many years.